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Is Delivering Projects In Your Organisation Complex Or Unstructured?
Want To Make It Simpler And More Impactful?

Get Expert Project Management Techniques You Can Apply Immediately

BOOST YOUR CAREER by delivering high value projects on time, on budget, with a happy team, and satisfied stakeholders. 

In-Person Training

April 15-16

Castleknock Hotel, Ireland

No upcoming events at the moment

Unlock The Secrets To The New Approach In Project Management Training

Your path to growth and support

Traditional Vs Impactful Project Management

Slide51 Servant Leader No Label_Outlined.png

Go from following a methodology to understanding what will make an impact in your unique circumstances 

Learn How To Identify And Say No To Low Value High Effort Tasks

Slide21 Prioritisation_Outlined.png

Help your stakeholders prioritise the work you are doing so that it is all valuable

Talk Confidently About The 8 Lenses Of Project Management

Slide70_Lenses of PM _Outlined white font.png

Get past the jargon of project management to understand the simple concepts that all projects rely on

Lead And Inspire Teams, Even In Remote Settings

Slide74 Autonomy Mastery Purpose_Outlined.png

Understand the psychology of motivation, and apply a simple 3-word checklist for your 1:1s that is proven to help you motivate your team

Convert Ideas Into Tangible Project Outcomes


Use facilitation techniques to get great ideas from your team members and stakeholders, and then turn them into real plans and deliverables

Delegate Tasks Strategically To Help With Yours And Your Team's Career Growth

Slide56 Horse Designed By Committee_Outlined.png

Work is not good - outcomes are good. Learn delegation and coaching approaches that will help you and your team to have more successful careers

Book A Free Consultation With James And Receive A Review Copy Of His Latest Book!

If you have questions about the training, all you have to do is set an appointment to know more about the training and we will send you a copy of the book to let you get a glimpse of what Impactful Project Management can offer.

James Louttit
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What You Will Get From This Book:

  • The Things That Most Project Managers Get Wrong

  • Different Approaches That Can be Used Depending On Your Organisation

  • How To Get Stakeholders More Engaged In Your Project 

  • Getting Most Out Of Your Team

  • Turn Project Management Theory Into Practical Reality

Discover What Sets Impactful Project Management Apart

Key Components Of Impactful Project Management Training:

Led By World-Class Project Management Expert

And Award-Winning CIO James Louttit

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James Louttit
Slide6_Tame the HiPPO_black.png

Teaching In An Entertaining And Engaging Way

Tailor-Made Illustrations And Activities Created Specifically For This Course

39 Expert Tips

To Help You Avoid The Pitfalls Of Poorly Managed Projects

Slide9_affinity Clustering_no name.jpg

42 Practical, Easy To Use Techniques

That Will Transform The Effectiveness Of Your Team

Continue Your Growth Journey With Support

For Ongoing Learning Through Books, Coaching  And The Community

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Make An Informed Decision

Get a closer look at what our training can offer you. Download the brochure for a complete overview now!

Feedback From Attendees

Gregory F. | Project Engineer

"This course was both educational and enjoyable. The intensive, engaging presentation was never overdone and will significantly benefit anyone who attends. I highly recommend that all should attend."

You want to be coached by the best... introducing


"I love helping teams and individuals INCREASE EFFECTIVENESS,



  • Expert in Project Management, Agility and Leadership.

  • Trained over 600 project managers, run an IT department and completed the agile transformation of a major PLC.

  • He loves teaching valuable learning through stories, cartoons and jokes.

  • He is a speaker, guest lecturer and coach and mentor to Project Managers in Ireland, The UK and Worldwide.

  • Author of a 5-Star Rated Project Management Book in Amazon - "Leading Impactful Teams".

Become The Most Impactful Project Manager In Your Organisation

No upcoming events at the moment

Download The Impactful Project Management Brochure

Who Can Benefit From The Training

I Am An Individual Looking To Learn Project Management

I Lead A Team Of PMs

I'm An Experienced PM Looking To Get The Best Out Of My Team

I Am Not A PM But I Manage Projects


  • What's In The Impactful Project Management (IPM) Training?
    Impactful Project Management, led by renowned Chief Information Officer and Project Management Expert James Louttit, offers a dynamic 2-day training course. Participants can expect engaging learning experiences, including tailored illustrations, stories, and interactive activities, all designed to integrate advanced project management methodologies effectively. The training features a practical real-world case study, fostering peer insights and idea exchange. Attendees gain access to 39 expert tips and 42 practical techniques curated for project managers, empowering them to navigate project challenges with confidence. Furthermore, ongoing learning support through books, coaching, and membership in the Impactful PM Hub ensures continued growth and development beyond the course.
  • Who Is The Impactful Project Management (IPM) Training For?
    The IPM Training Course is for individuals at any stage of their project management journey, whether they are beginners seeking to learn the fundamentals or experienced professionals facing specific challenges in their projects or organizations.
  • How Much Does It Cost To Join The Impactful Project Management (IPM) Training?
    The cost of the IPM Training varies. Please book an appointment with James to learn more about the cost and to determine the best option for you. Book an appointment now and get his latest book, "Leading Impactful Teams" for free! -
  • What Will I Get Out Of The Impactful Project Management (IPM) Training?
    Through the IPM Training, you will gain valuable insights and skills to enhance your project management abilities. Led by James Louttit, a distinguished Chief Information Officer and Project Management Expert, the course provides engaging learning experiences tailored to your needs. You'll benefit from 39 expert tips and 42 practical techniques designed to navigate project challenges effectively. Additionally, you'll have access to ongoing learning support, including books, coaching, and membership in the Impactful Project Management (IPM) Hub, ensuring continued growth and development in your project management journey.
  • Will I Receive A Certification?
    Participants will receive a certificate of attendance, and they can also obtain a LinkedIn certificate.
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