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Luca Del Carlo

5.0 out of 5 stars review in Amazon

"A must-read book for those who need a low-stress life. Leading Impactful Teams is a must-have for anyone who wants to be successful in project management, regardless of their work-life balance. I highly recommend it to like-minded individuals who aspire to achieve success in this field."

Josh Pert

CTO Virgin Experience Days

"I love that it references the frameworks but faces the reality that projects don't like to obey the rules of any specific framework so even the best PM is going to need to think on their feet"

Leading Impactful Teams
Achieve Low-Stress Success In Project Management

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5 out of 5 Reviews (50+ ratings)

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About The Author

You want to be coached by the best... introducing


"I love helping teams and individuals INCREASE EFFECTIVENESS,



  • Expert in Project Management, Agility and Leadership.

  • Trained over 500 project managers, run an IT department and completed the agile transformation of a major PLC.

  • He loves teaching valuable learning through stories, cartoons and jokes.

  • He is a speaker, guest lecturer and coach and mentor to Project Managers in Ireland, The UK and Worldwide.

  • Author of Leading Impactful Teams.

What You Will Learn From The Book

Simplification Of Project Management
The book aims to make project management more accessible and applicable to real-world scenarios, moving away from purely academic approaches.
Versatility In Project Management Approaches
It emphasizes the importance of adapting different project management techniques based on specific situations, highlighting that there is no one-size-fits-all method
Development Of A Project Manager's 'Sixth Sense'
The book discusses how experienced project managers develop an instinct for identifying and avoiding potential issues in projects.
Understanding Of The Eight Key Lenses in Project Management
Readers will learn about the eight lenses (Scope, Prioritisation, Time, Cost, Quality, Risks, Team, Stakeholders) to view and manage their projects effectively.
Building Impactful Project Management Skills
The book covers essential skills needed for successful project management, focusing on versatility and adaptability.
People Management And Influence
It emphasizes the importance of managing and influencing people in and around the project for its success.
Utilizing Experience And Learning From Others
The book encourages learning not only from personal experiences but also from the experiences and techniques of others.
Effective Utilization Of Work Environments
It provides insights on how different work environments (commons, caves, collaboration, contemplation) can be leveraged to enhance project efficiency and creativity.
Strategic Thinking And Problem Solving:
Readers will learn how to approach complex problems and make strategic decisions, enhancing their problem-solving skills.

Advance Praise

Rosalyn Donnelly

Head of IT at C&D Foods(ABP Group)

"This book is more holistic than traditional Project Management Books. It imparts the experience of living through Projects, both good and bad hopefully helping those embarking on the road to avoid the pitfalls."

Céiteach Mac Stiofan

Digital Transformation Project Manager

"This book is a treasure trove of off the shelf tips tools and techniques for each stage of your project to help you deliver. My favourite is the SAVE technique. It combines some amazing design thinking techniques with that great output of execution. James's SAVE workshops are now always my first deliverables on the project plan I also loved the reminder around Dale Carnegie and seeing things from another's point of view."

Roderick O'Gorman

Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth

“A strong, motivated and unified team is essential to delivering change, no matter what the circumstances. In Leading Impactful Teams, James Louttit sets out how to bring people with diverse talents and viewpoints together in an effective way and motivate them to achieve their full potential”.

Gillian Brennan

Business Operations Divisional Manager, Enterprise Ireland

James has compiled a really practical set of techniques and tools which will certainly guide Project Managers to effectively manage projects and achieve project delivery success. Particularly impactful is the focus on people; leading teams and managing stakeholder expectations, through the project lifecycle. This book is written in unambiguous and engaging language, making it accessible and relevant for all levels of project delivery experience.

Alistair Cornish

Founder at Arconomy, former CTO at Sniip

The book eloquently describes how project managers are often in the office jungle trying to navigate ego's and non-productive or non-cooperative behaviour in individuals and teams. James provides a practical and common sense utility belt of exercises to engage and encourage collaboration that can cut through all the dancing around on egg shells and allow people to get out the way of themselves to deliver a result. I also recommend drinking whatever James does in the morrning to give you the energy to succeed!

Andy Kaufman

Project Management & Leadership Keynote Speaker, Author, & Coach, Podcast Host

Leading projects and teams can be rewarding, for sure. But it can undoubtedly be stressful. There are risks. Constraints. And people!

James has crafted a pactical book that helps take some of the stress out of the process. It's an enjoyable read from a guy who knows what he's talking about.

Regardless of your level of project management expertise, you'll pick up ideas to help you lead and deliver. Highly recommended!

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Leading Impactful Teams
Achieve Low-Stress Success In Project Management

Available Now On

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5 out of 5 Reviews (50+ ratings)

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