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BOOST YOUR CAREER by delivering high value projects on time, on budget, with a happy team, and satisfied stakeholders. 

Join The Impactful Project Management Hub Today


What Do You Get In The IPM Hub?

Your path to growth and support

Learn Expert Project Manager Tips

  • Time Management

  • Adoptability And Flexibility

  • Meeting Facilitation

  • Career Development

  • Interview Tips

Regular Support Sessions

  • Learn From An Expert With 20 Years Of Experience

  • Weekly Discussion

  • Q&A Sessions

Engage In Discussions

  • Engage In Discussions With Like-Minded Professionals

  • Explore Key Topics Such As Scope, Time, Cost, And Stakeholder Management

  • Share Experiences, Insights, And Best Practices

Get the IPM Certificate

  • Learn 80 tips And Techniques

  • 2 Days Worth Of Training Cut Into Bite-Sized Pieces

  • Learn At Your Own Pace

  • No Exam

Growth Mindset Book Club

  • Monthly Book Club Sessions

  • Book Recommendations

  • Negotiation, Psychology, Facilitation And All The Other Skills You'll Need 

Explore Handpicked Topics On Power Skills

  • Explore Essential Skills: Communication, Leadership, And Problem-Solving

  • Gain Insights Into Effective Techniques: Time Management, Negotiation, And Presentation Skills

  • Engage With Curated Content To Enhance Both Personal And Professional Growth

Why Join The IPM Hub?

Once you have joined the IPM Hub, you will learn how to:

Strategically Delegate Tasks To Foster Your Career And Team's Growth

Effectively Illustrate.jpg

Effectively Illustrate And Communicate Your Team's Progress Through Visual Representations

Guide Stakeholders In Making Strategic Decisions For Project Success

Gudie Stakeholders.jpg
Elevate Team.jpg

Elevate Team Morale And Engagement, Even In Remote Settings

Overcome Obstacles With AI, Expert Insights, And Micro-Helpers To Address Project Roadblocks

Overcome obstacle with AI.jpg
Scope Creep.jpg

Control Project Scope Creep

Talk Confidently About The 8 Lenses Of Project Management - Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Team, Stakeholders, Risk And Prioritisation

PM Lesnses.jpg

You want to be coached by the best... introducing


"I love helping teams and individuals INCREASE EFFECTIVENESS,



  • Expert in Project Management, Agility and Leadership.

  • Trained over 500 project managers, run an IT department and completed the agile transformation of a major PLC.

  • He loves teaching valuable learning through stories, cartoons and jokes.

  • He is a speaker, guest lecturer and coach and mentor to Project Managers in Ireland, The UK and Worldwide.

  • Author of a 5-Star Review Project Management Book - "Leading Impactful Teams"

Book Sign-up

Get Access To The First Chapter For Free!

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What Readers Will Learn:

  • Challenges In Traditional Project Management

  • Importance Of Adaptability And Practical Skills

  • Impact Of Stakeholder Engagement On Project Success

  • Contrasting Management Styles (Jill and John)

  • Shift Towards Human-Centered Project Management Training

Who Is The IPM Hub For?

I Am An Individual Looking To Learn Project Management

I Lead A Team Of PMs

I'm An Experienced PM Looking To Get The Best Out Of My Team

I Am Not A PM But I Manage Projects

Pricing Plan

The Path To Success Begins With Self-Investment

Join the IPM Hub and you can access valuable resources, guidance, and insights to accelerate your personal development.

Impactful Project Management Training Course (Online)

Impactful Project Manager LinkedIn Certification*

Weekly Live Discussion – Ask The Expert

Curated Methodology Minis

Discussion Forum And Online Community

Micro Learning Tips

Curated Facilitation Foundations Course

Direct Q&A With Peers Support Via Chat


Every month

Valid until canceled
14 day free trial

Money-Back Guarantee

We're confident you'll find immense value in our community. If you're not entirely satisfied, we're here to address concerns and enhance your experience. Your subscription renews monthly, but you're in full control.


For changes, including cancellations, email us at with "Cancel Subscription." We'll promptly process your request within three working days.


  • What's In The Impactful Project Management (IPM) Training?
    Impactful Project Management, led by renowned Chief Information Officer and Project Management Expert James Louttit, offers a dynamic 2-day training course. Participants can expect engaging learning experiences, including tailored illustrations, stories, and interactive activities, all designed to integrate advanced project management methodologies effectively. The training features a practical real-world case study, fostering peer insights and idea exchange. Attendees gain access to 39 expert tips and 42 practical techniques curated for project managers, empowering them to navigate project challenges with confidence. Furthermore, ongoing learning support through books, coaching, and membership in the Impactful PM Hub ensures continued growth and development beyond the course.
  • Who Is The Impactful Project Management (IPM) Training For?
    The IPM Training Course is for individuals at any stage of their project management journey, whether they are beginners seeking to learn the fundamentals or experienced professionals facing specific challenges in their projects or organizations.
  • How Much Does It Cost To Join The Impactful Project Management (IPM) Training?
    The cost of the IPM Training varies. Please book an appointment with James to learn more about the cost and to determine the best option for you. Book an appointment now and get his latest book, "Leading Impactful Teams" for free! -
  • What Will I Get Out Of The Impactful Project Management (IPM) Training?
    Through the IPM Training, you will gain valuable insights and skills to enhance your project management abilities. Led by James Louttit, a distinguished Chief Information Officer and Project Management Expert, the course provides engaging learning experiences tailored to your needs. You'll benefit from 39 expert tips and 42 practical techniques designed to navigate project challenges effectively. Additionally, you'll have access to ongoing learning support, including books, coaching, and membership in the Impactful Project Management (IPM) Hub, ensuring continued growth and development in your project management journey.
  • Will I Receive A Certification?
    Participants will receive a certificate of attendance, and they can also obtain a LinkedIn certificate.
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