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How to communicate with clients: Dealing with unreasonable expectations

Updated: Jul 6, 2023


Are you dealing with unreasonable expectations of how much work you can do in a week with your client or boss? Here's a tip on how to communicate with clients.

It's really simple. All you do is write down the tasks that you ha

ve to do in the week by most important down to least important.

And then you put an estimate against each one of how many hours it's going to take you. As you work through that list with your boss. They might disagree on the importance of some things. They might disagree on the estimates. And you can change the order and change the estimates as part of that positive conversation.

But what's crucial here is that you've shown them how much work you've got. And instead of them expecting you to do 63 hours of work in a week, you can now agree what's the most important 40 hours of works to do and get on with those and make the other 23 hours worth of work their problem, not yours. Let me know.

Do you think it'll work? Comment below your own tip on how to communicate with clients.

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