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Secure your copy of James Louttit's much-anticipated book, "Leading Impactful Teams" 


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When was the last time you felt stressed and exhausted at work?


Chances are your answer to that question is "not too long ago". As the author realized from first-hand experience, even well-prepared, hard-working, intelligent people can feel the strain of project management. This book presents a comprehensive set of approaches, tips and techniques that enable you to make projects more effective, successful and enjoyable.


Leading Impactful Teams is a lively exploration of the "lenses" of project management – Scope, Prioritisation, Time, Cost, Quality, Risks, Team and Stakeholders – that will enable the reader to develop a "sixth sense" for potential issues that could derail their project. Replete with over 80 imaginative illustrations to explain the insights and practices that are packed into every page, the stories and ideas in this book go way past the theories and bring the reality of projects to life. It will help you understand how to make your project a success and avoid unnecessary complications.


This is a powerful book for anyone involved in project management, be it at work or outside of it. James Louttit shares his refreshing, engaging and human approach, to provide you with a practical toolkit to help you and your team deliver great project outcomes with minimum stress and maximum fun.


Leading Impactful Teams By James Louttit

  • Introduction – How Not to Do It 

    Chapter 1 - Project Management is Broken 

    Chapter 2 - The Lenses – How to Think About Your Project Like an 

    Chapter 3 - Techniques and Tips – It’s Easy If You Know How! 

    Chapter 4 - Approach – Some Ideas on How to Structure Your Project 

    Chapter 5 - Scope and Prioritisation – Maximise the Work that You Don’t Do! 

    Chapter 6 - Risks (and Assumptions, Dependencies, and Issues) –
    Managing What Could Go Wrong 

    Chapter 7 - Time – How to Predict the Future 

    Chapter 8 - Quality – Not Messing Stuff Up 

    Chapter 9 - Team – Your Most Valuable Resource 

    Chapter 10 - Stakeholders – Who They Are and How to Make Sure
    They Are on Your Side

    Chapter 11 - Cost – How to Think About It, How to Discuss It, and
    How to Keep a Lid on It 

    Chapter 12 - Conclusion – Project Management Can Be Better 

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