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What People are Saying

"A high energy and interactive course"

"The course challenged me to think differently about managing projects and people"

"James is a brilliant facilitator. This course can be applied to any job role"

"No-nonsense, practical techniques delivered in a high-energy and engaging course"

"Energetic + Good practical tools for all PMs"

"I loved the HiPPO concept"

"Without doubt one of the best training courses I have ever attended in every discipline"

"James' delivery style was very engaging throughout the 2 days"

"A useful reminder on key project management skills with brilliant tips and observations from real-world experience"

"Great for problem solving"

Why Your Leaders Need Power Skills

Investing in power skills training for employees offers several benefits for the company:

  1. Enhanced communication and collaboration.

  2. Development of effective leadership qualities.

  3. Improved adaptability and resilience.

  4. Enhanced problem-solving capabilities.

  5. Elevated customer experience and satisfaction.

By nurturing power skills, companies can cultivate a skilled and engaged workforce, leading to increased productivity, innovation, customer loyalty, and overall success.

How our Attendees Improved

Project Manager after training_Carolyn

What You Can Expect from the Impactful Project Management Training Course

  • Led by World-Class Project Management Expert and Award-Winning Chief Information Officer James Louttit

  • Covers the content in an entertaining and engaging way with tailor-made illustrations and activities created specifically for this course

  • 39 expert tips to help you avoid the pitfalls of poorly managed projects

  • 42 practical, easy to use techniques that will transform the effectiveness of your team​

  • Continue your growth journey with support for ongoing learning though books, coaching  and the Impactful PM Alumni group

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Training Courses

Impact Project Management offers highly impactful and comprehensive training courses in project management and power skills also know as soft skills.

The project management training course equips participants with a robust understanding of project planning, meticulous scheduling, astute budgeting, and adept risk management, empowering them to confidently lead and deliver triumphant projects.

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The skills training course places a premium on enhancing vital competencies such as dynamic communication, visionary leadership, seamless teamwork, and ingenious problem-solving, enabling individuals to transcend professional boundaries and catalyze their organizations' overall triumph. With seasoned instructors and immersive exercises, Impact Project Management ensures that participants acquire the indispensable knowledge and unwavering capabilities essential to propel project success and foster unparalleled personal growth.

Finding out more about becoming an Impactful Project Manager

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