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Skills Training

With our Skills Training you can unleash the full potential of you and your team by mastering a suite of extraordinary POWER SKILLS that will refine your abilities like never before.

What are Power Skills?

Power skills, also known as soft skills or transferable skills, are a set of personal attributes, qualities, and abilities that are essential for success in various aspects of life and business. Power skills are not specific to any particular profession or industry, but they serve as a foundation for personal and professional growth, enabling individuals to effectively navigate challenges, collaborate with others, and achieve their goals.

We believe that Power skills,can (and should!!) be taught. With a growth mindset, the right training and some very simple techniques your team can become much better at these areas, working together with IMPACT to achieve the outcomes your organisation needs.

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Why Everyone Needs Power Skills

Investing in power skills training for employees offers several benefits for the company:

  1. Enhanced communication and collaboration.

  2. Development of effective leadership qualities.

  3. Improved adaptability and resilience.

  4. Enhanced problem-solving capabilities.

  5. Elevated customer experience and satisfaction.

By nurturing power skills, companies can cultivate a skilled and engaged workforce, leading to increased productivity, innovation, customer loyalty, and overall success.

Customize Skills Trainin Course

Customize Your Skills Training Course

Which Power Skills would you like to include in the training?

Not sure what to choose?


Not everyone requires customized courses. We have put together a selection of recommended courses, designed to enhance creativity, improve project delivery and manage teams and stakeholders.

Make the right choice for you and your professional development with our Preset Courses.


Find the training course that best suits your goals and aspirations below.

Personal Productivity - 1/2 Day Course

Too many Interruptions?  Always fighting fires? Unable to commit to deadlines or estimate work well?

This course is recommended for managers and team members who find themselves frustrated with any or all of these challenges.


In a half-day workshop we'll introduce simple techniques like Planning Poker, Lean Coffee, Distraction Audit and Value/Effort prioritisation to make you and your team much more productive and a lot less stressed!

After taking this practical course you will be much better able to:

  • Structure a positive conversation with your manager about your workload

  • Figure out how to use your time to create maximum impact with minimum effort

  • Estimate your work more effectively

  • Understand how to set up different work environments to suit the different types of work you need to do

  • Transparently show everyone how you are working and make great decisions about what to focus your effort on

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Team Creativity - 1 Day Course

Need to solve problems and come up with ideas as a team? Struggling to get the creative Juices flowing?

This course is recommended for managers and team members who want to think outside the box and become more creative as a group.

In a 1 - day workshop we'll introduce simple techniques like the Creative Matrix, Finding Niche Experts, Cross Functional Collaboration and 12 Creative Problem Solving Mindsets to help you come up with ideas and then deliver on them

After taking this practical course you will be much better able to:

  • Clearly state your goals and define your "North Star"

  • Generate great ideas from even the quietest team member

  • Come up with different angles to look at your problem / opportunity that will trigger creative ideas

  • Develop experiments that can help you learn more about the situation

  • Figure out the risks and help your organisation make great decisions about opportunities and threats  - 

People Management - 1 Day Course

Would you like to get better outcomes from team members?  Would you like to know the 3 keys to motivation? Would you like to have amazing relationships with your stakeholders?

This course is recommended for managers who would like practical advice on the day-to-day work of creating amazing outcomes with their teams.

In a 1 - day workshop we'll introduce simple techniques like the "Drive" for motivation, "Distraction Audit", A modern take on the Eisenhower Matrix, and Transparency of prioritisation to help your team become more effective, less stressed and more engaged.

After taking this practical course you will be much better able to:

  • Have great conversations with team members about their priorities and estimates

  • Know when and how to have a "Diffi