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Transform Your Project Management Skills with Tailored Courses for Every Level

How our attendees improved

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About the Facilitator

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James Louttit

Project Management can be stressful and even well prepared hard-working, intelligent people can get into difficulties.

"6 years ago, I ended up in hospital because I was trying to manage far too much through pure effort, grit and determination. Since waking up in that hospital bed, I have made it my mission to figure out the secrets of managing projects with impact rather than effort."

My career took off and I became Project Management Competency Lead of a major bank and then Chief Information Officer of one of Irelands best-known companies. We completed an agile transformation, delivered many projects to delighted stakeholders and started winning awards for our technology. I have managed dozens of successful projects, trained over 300 Project Managers and been accountable for running the IT Department of a major PLC, and I’ve had a lot of fun doing it. Now it’s time for me to share these learnings with as many people as possible. I want to help you become more effective, less stressed and have more fun with your team and stakeholders.

What you can expect

  • Led by World-Class Project Management Expert and Award-Winning Chief Information Officer James Louttit

  • Covers the content in an entertaining and engaging way with tailor-made illustrations and activities created specifically for this course

  • 20+ expert tips to help you avoid the pitfalls of poorly managed projects

  • 20+ practical, easy to use techniques that will transform the effectiveness of your team

  • Start your continuous growth journey with 5 specially selected books that support the ideas in the training

  • Become an Impactful Project Manager in just 2 days​

What people are saying

"Without doubt one of the best training courses I have ever attended in every discipline"

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Practical ideas to improve the way you think about and manage your project 

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